Code for America Fellow Jan 2016 – Nov 2016

Our team worked with the Seattle Police Department for one year to help patrol officers respond appropriately to people with mental illnesses or chemical dependencies. We designed and developed an internal web app to help officers refer people to community services instead of defaulting to arrest or hospitalization. As the sole developer on the project, I created a secure system compliant with HIPAA and CJIS regulations, coordinated with stakeholders within the City of Seattle government, and managed technical needs & issues within my team. I led technical workshops for city IT department employees to train them on modern technologies, including Ruby on Rails and Docker.

thoughtbot, inc Developer Nov 2014 – Dec 2015

thoughtbot (yes, it’s spelled lowercase) is a leading web and mobile application consulting company. As a developer, I worked directly with clients both at startups and established companies, and built features including social networks, payment processing, automated emails, third-party API integrations, and data visualizations. I worked primarily with Ruby on Rails, CSS/SASS, and a variety of front-end JavaScript frameworks,

Administrate Lead Developer January 2015 – Dec 2015

I designed and built Administrate, an open-source library for Ruby on Rails apps that automatically generates admin dashboards. To build Administrate I ran user interviews, triaged and responded to community bug reports and feature requests, and coordinated the work of designers and developers at thoughtbot.

Code for San Francisco Lead Developer (Volunteer), SF OpenReferral Jan 2015 – Dec 2015

San Francisco’s OpenReferral initiative worked with the local Adult Probation Department to collect, standardize, and publish data about social service resources in the city. As the lead developer, I built prototypes of the resource guide to better explore the problem space. I also helped to coordinate the efforts of volunteers, run user interviews, and work closely with other project leads to define the direction of the project.

Carbon Cash, LLC API Designer & Developer Dec 2013 – Jun 2014

Carbon Cash is a Michigan-based startup that rewards students for good energy usage habits. I designed and implemented an API to support iOS, Android, and client-side Ember web apps, and handled hosting and server maintenance. The system was built on Rails and integrated with local power companies and university housing systems to retrieve data about students' energy usage.

Eurucamp 2014 Conference Talk: Service-Oriented Architecture Aug 2014

In front of an audience of several hundred developers, I created and delivered a live-coded introduction to Service-Oriented Architectures. Designed to help developers break their first service out of a monolithic application, the talk covered inter-process messaging protocols, alternative data stores, and lightweight web frameworks.

BitLab, MSU Web Developer & Research Assistant Oct 2012 – Mar 2014

The BitLab at MSU studies the boundaries of computer-human interaction, including the economic trends of crowdfunding sites. To collect better data the team built a crowdfunding site for MSU students that collects data about why people contribute to crowdfunded projects. As the sole developer working on an existing code base I was responsible for redesigning the site, setting up automated testing running usability studies and integrating the site with Amazon Payments.

ACM at MSU Vice President and Webmaster Mar 2011 – May 2014

The Association of Computing Machinery is an international organization that provides resources to students in Computer Science and related fields. As a founding member of the MSU chapter I organized student events including technology talks and seminars with local tech companies, programming contests, and hackathons. I also gave presentations about programming and the field of computer science.

Microsoft Software Engineering Intern May – July 2012

During my three-month internship at Microsoft I was responsible for developing a testing framework for third-party printer drivers in Windows 8 using C++ and Javascript. I worked with team members in the Sustainability Engineering department to simplify the verification process for new printer driver submissions.

BEACON Lab, MSU Digital Evolution Research Sep 2011 – May 2012

The BEACON Lab studies evolution with using novel techniques, including the creation and observation of evolving computer programs. As a research assistant I was responsible for implementing the ability for programs to feed off of one another, leading to predatory behavior in a population. Working closely with a postdoctoral advisor I implemented and tested the behavior in C++. The predator-prey features provided a basis for future publications.